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Agitator by Spanjer Machines - builder and supplier of manure equipment in Canada, USA and Mexico


   Pit Agitators by Spanjer Machines: Manure Equipment Builder and Supplier


Spanjer Machines Pit Agitators: 

• screw propellers, efficient like no other and stable in the stream
• required length to accomodate any pit
• straight drive or reversable gearbox model
• the hydraulic cylinders give stable control
• optional tipping cylinders for pumpholes


List of Agitator Models:
Please check out Spanjer Machines made agitators - they are high performace and reliable manure equipment being supplied in Canada, USA and Mexico...

     >> Pit Agitators
     >> The Lagoon Beast II Agitators
     >> Raceway manure Agitators  
     >> Raceway Manure Collector Pit Agitator
     >> Biomass Agitators
     >> Electric Agitator

Pump By Spanjer Machines  Builder and supplier of Manure Equipment in Canada, USA and Mexico



• a partner to the lagoon agitator
• 8 or 10 inch pipe
• double intake and dual discharge for balaced load and huge capacity
• truss design in both directions for extra stability
• optional sealed driveline, which is extremely durable

6000 gallons in under one minute!!

Spanjer Machines - Manure Equipment Builder and Supplier Canada USA Mexico 

List of Pumps:
Spanjer Machines pumps are quality made and are known for thier solid performance. Take a look at the list of pumps we manufacture...

     >> Hydraulic Drive Pumps
     >> Sealed Driveline Pumps
     >> Electric Drive Pumps  
     >> PTO Drive - N Pump
     >> PTO Drive Pumps The Cannon
     >> PTO Drive - Multi-depth Chopper Pump
     >> Raceway manure collector pit
     >> Lagoon Pump
     >> Wash Water Pumps
     >> PTO Pump with Optional Slingshot Agitating Nozzle

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